8 Ways to Fix KineMaster Video Export Problem [2022 Updated]

KineMaster is a powerful video editor that has been downloaded over 50 million times. It’s one of the most popular apps as it is free and offers full features for non-commercial use.

However, there are some major issues with exporting videos from KineMaster to other formats such as MP4 or MOV files. In this post, I’ll be going over 8 ways to fix common problems when trying to export your finished project in KineMaster.

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What is KineMaster?

KineMaster is a popular video editing application. KineMaster Corporation develops it. It is an android application that makes it possible to get results like complex editing software on a mobile phone.

This is possible because of its advanced features. It also has amazing Audio, text, and picture quality. We experience while using most editing software or apps that the audio and text quality deteriorates after saving the video, but not with KineMaster. The audio, video and visual quality remain as it is.

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Video editing is often seen as a complex process, and it’s not always easy for beginners to bring out their best results due to the complex and extremely advanced features of editing software.

fix kinemaster video export problem

But KineMaster everyone can edit the videos however they want because of its user-friendly interface, easy understanding of the functioning, and advanced features.

Some KineMaster users are reporting problems they’ve faced with exporting the edited videos. There are no errors in the application as it is well designed and free of bugs.

The problem usually lies in the coordination between the app and the device. As we click on the export video, it displays a message “An error occurred while exporting, please try again.”

KineMaster MOD is a convenient video editing app because it allows you to share the final product directly.

You can save it on your device or share it directly on any social media site, Google Drive, or email. But you can do this only after exporting the video. Let’s see how we can solve this issue.

In this guide, we’ll help you with how you can overcome the problem while exporting videos from KineMaster.

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8 Ways to Fix KineMaster Video Export Problem

If you’re experiencing problems exporting your videos from KineMaster then try the below steps.

1. Clear cache

Sometimes cache buildup causes the device to slow down and causes problems with the functioning of applications.

To clear cache, you can go to Settings → Apps → KineMaster → Data and Cache → Clear Cache.

This will remove the cache and the trouble with exporting videos. You can export your video now.

2. Application running in the background

We often see people always running a lot of applications at once. This causes an interruption in the working of apps.

When you are using KineMaster MOD APK, it is advised not to use other applications at that time. Or you can open tabs, then click on clear all tabs, and open KineMaster again.

KineMaster will start functioning smoothly again without any problems in exporting videos.

3. Avoid exporting high-resolution videos

Don’t try to export higher resolution videos if your device cannot support it. Higher resolution videos can be easily downloaded on devices with four or more 4GB RAM. 

Lower the resolution of the video and try again. If it still shows an error, try again with a lower resolution. 

4. Use fewer layers and elements

While editing, Try to Make less of individual layers. If you are editing using multiple layers, Make sure to combine them in the end before exporting.

This will not slow the application and speed up video exporting. KineMaster allows you to edit multiple layers individually. Whether video, audio, or photo, you can add them individually and then combine the layers for the final results.

This is an advanced feature that isn’t available in most video editing applications. But sometimes, the RAM of your device is not able to cope with that.

5. Restart your device

This is the most classic solution to make the applications run smoothly. You just simply have to close all tabs and restart your device. This method is helpful because you don’t have to dive into technical details and troubleshooting.

6. Force stop KineMaster and restart again.

Sometimes there are problems with the application, and the application cannot work with the device properly.

To overcome this problem go to Settings → Apps → KineMaster and Click on the “Force Stop” option. Then “Restart” the app again.

This will get rid of any possible issues with KineMaster, and the application will run smoothly.

After you open the application, you will have to give permission to the app to access files from your device. And you can start editing again.

7. Update your app

Before running the app, make sure that your app is the latest version. Some devices do not support certain versions and cause problems in working.

If the KineMaster app on your device is fully updated, try running the previous version. As mentioned above, Some versions don’t work on certain devices.

8. Install a different version of KineMaster

Problems with exporting videos can be irritating. To avoid this problem, you can simply change your app.

You don’t have to change KineMaster but the version of the app. Sometimes different versions do not sit right with certain devices and cause problems.

You can simply install a version that runs smoothly on your device.  Although the version might lack certain features, it’s still better than no KineMaster.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways you can try to get rid of the KineMaster video export problem. We all know that it is frustrating and irritating when the video you worked on and invested time in cannot Be exported. But we hope that this guide helped you with the problem regarding exporting videos.

KineMaster is a great app for video editing. It also has amazing Audio, text, and picture quality. We experience while using most editing software or apps that the audio and text quality deteriorates after saving the video, but not with KineMaster. The audio, video and visual quality remain as it is.

Nowadays, various videos are trending on social media like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. KineMaster has the potential to help you make videos capable of going viral and keeping up with the latest trends. It has all the transitions, effects, and VFX you need to make a perfect video.

The problem regarding video exporting can be solved with the easy steps mentioned above and doesn’t require heavy technical knowledge. We hope this guide helped you, and you will continue to make awesome videos with KineMaster.

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