Kinemaster Diamond

KineMaster Diamond

KineMaster Diamond is the realistic diamond version of the entire KineMaster MOD series, as it holds tremendous rarest privileges within a nocturnal diamond kind of interface. You can download this mod freely from the below download link and gain absolute acknowledgment related to it.

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What should you look for as a video designing software for your beast Android Smartphone? You must have got pinged with this complex question many times, right? Well, it’s a 100% legit concern since the Android app library is damn large, even more, extensive than the total population of New York. It’s the power of an automated device you’re having in your hand right now.

Everything is possible on this beast device – The Android Smartphone these days. No matter which task you want to perform, the single limit is the sky! Likewise, you’ll get the different genre apps for all the varsity of your tasks, like for photography, recording, editing, and business.

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And consequently, there is a colossal amount of video editing software available for Android Smartphones, which makes it inflexible to choose the best one.

Keeping all these concerns in the middle mind area, we’ve found the most adorable video editing software for Android Smartphones – KineMaster Diamond APK Latest Version 2022. It’s the premium version of KineMaster with thousands of additional diamond privileges and a diamond-cut app interface.

So Let’s get started and talk more about the features and the newest possibilities using the KineMaster Diamond APK.


What is KineMaster Diamond APK

When discussing video editing or designing software for Smartphones, we first deem about the KineMaster. If you’re a newbie and still haven’t heard about this Android application, it’s one of the ancient solutions for recording and editing amazing videos.

KineMaster was launched in 2002 as a professional video editor, including the most effective video editing tools. Remember when even Android wasn’t launched without bugs and glitches when KineMaster started its journey from China.

Additionally, the KineMaster app for Android Smartphones is also ranked as the #1 top-free video editing app by the Google Play Store. The ranking is legit, but the genre ranking isn’t that effective, as KineMaster isn’t an entirely free Android software to design videos.

Yeah, you heard right. KineMaster contains hundreds of in-app purchases, comprising your favorite filters, effects, stickers, as well as those tools supposed to make you a professional designer.

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So if you’re dreaming of editing your favorite videos professionally like the most influential Adobe video editing software, then you need to enroll in a premium subscription to the KineMaster, which costs hundreds of dollars every month.

Now, you must be thinking of skipping the privileges presented by the KineMaster app, right? That’s why we’re here to take all your hindrances and make them golden opportunities by offering the KineMaster Diamond APK Latest version 2022.

You were conceiving about a miracle, and we formed it as a modification of the official app. Kinemaster Diamond is a worthwhile modification of the KineMaster Android app, which includes all the premium features and effects without paying premium charges. Let’s get into it.

Why Choose KineMaster Diamond?

KineMaster’s official Android application would must worth your downloading, as the official one contains all the most necessary privileges and resources.

Their official version will deliver you an enormous aspect ratio to create videos for your desired platform, whether a YouTube video, Instagram reels, YouTube theater, or Instagram Videos.

Moreover, you can also choose the Photo Display mode, Photo duration, and Transition duration. But these features are available in almost all Android video designing software like the Inshot and Adobe Premiere Pro for Smartphones.

So if you’re dreaming of becoming a professional in the Video Designing and editing era, you need a premium subscription to the app. This subscription includes the most intensive designing tools like Chroma Key and also supports Video Stabilization. It means that one can make iPhone quite cinematic videos after having the activated premium plan.

Here enters our champion, KineMaster Diamond APK. This diamond app is basically the modified version of the official KineMaster Android app, which includes all your most loved premium tools within the already unlocked resources. In simple words, you’ve got the entire world filled with cinematic video recording tools.

Additionally, suppose you want to become wholly acknowledged of the KineMaster Diamond before downloading it. In that case, you can go through the below section and gain fundamental knowledge about the features and premium tools offered by this amazing KineMaster MOD.

Stop wandering websites for the free premium subscription of KineMaster and download KineMaster Diamond Latest APK from here.



First things first! Unlike the official KineMaster app, the Kinemaster Diamond APK 2022 won’t annoy you with those video advertisements while using its free premium resources and tools.


Now, you can get rid of the sticky watermark and label your designs with your brand name. Just download KineMaster Diamond and remove the KineMaster watermark from all your videos.


Wanna create those cinematic videos with Harry Potter and the great Thanos behind you? Get KineMaster Diamond App and try its Chroma Key effect for designing green screen videos.


Got annoyed with the breaking quality of your videos after designing it with the immense effects? Stop using your old Video Editing app and install KineMaster Diamond for 4K HD Video Export!


KineMaster Diamond is clubbed with the free premium plan of the KineMaster official app, which makes it capable of proffering you 100% access to all the in-app Assets.


Enjoy the fully unlocked KineMaster Premium plan within your favorite professional tools and those eye-catching resources wholly accessible.

More Features

Access Premium Tools: First and the most influential thing you’re getting here with the KineMaster Diamond is access to all those excellent tools, like the Chroma Effect, Simple movement, and free Reverb tools.

High Compatibility: This MOD is compatible with all your Android Smartphones running above Android 4.4.

Rewind your Videos: Have you missed this privilege in the official version of KineMaster software and want to rewind most of your videos to make them more humorous? If yes, then download KineMaster Diamond and get free access to the Rewind tool.

Share to any Social Platform: Simplicity is the skill required inside every Android application to make it rise in the sky. Consequently, KineMaster Diamond delivers you this convenient feature. Now, you can share all your favorite videos on any Social media platform, like Facebook and Instagram, with a single click.

Add Music with Videos: It’s the same feature as the official KineMaster Android application, and the only thing that changed is the simplicity in doing this. In other words, you can add music tracks from the KineMaster servers, as well as your custom library, to your videos instantly using the KineMaster Diamond application.

Fluent Video Exporting Speed: Have you got annoyed with that slowest exporting rate of your edited videos? So why are you waiting? Hit the above download link and download KineMaster MOD APK to export all your videos on any resolution at the smoothest speed.

Preview your Creations while Editing: One of your favorite features for previewing all your videos while editing is also clubbed within the KineMaster Diamond App! So now, you can review your creations at the exact time of designing. Sounds Cool, right?

Large number of Video Formats: You can create, edit and export all kinds of video formats without compatibility issues! Just download our KineMaster Diamond MOD, which is capable of working on any video format and club any audio format tracks simplistically to make your videos exceptional.

Transition Effects and other Resources: KineMaster Diamond proffers you 100% free access to all those exclusive effects and resources inside the KineMaster Android app. It means that now you’ve got access to all the premium stuff and the adorable KineMaster library without doing anything.

Control the Speed: The speedometer of your video is now in your hand with having the KineMaster Diamond APK installed on your Android phone. Yeah, you can whether fasten your video’s speed or make the slow-mo videos with this MOD damn conveniently.

Employ the Multiple Layers: Last and the most beautiful feature you’ll get within this modified APK is the access to multiple layers. These layers will expand the convenience of creating professional videos since you can use over ten layers to handle over ten effects at a time without any disturbance.

Download KineMaster Diamond APK

KineMaster Diamond APK
App NameKineMaster Diamond
Size97 MB
Android Required4.1 and up
License TypeFreeware
DeveloperKineMaster Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

To explore more fantastic features of KineMaster you can check out their official YouTube Channel.

What’s New in v6.2.7


  • New Filters, Effects
  • Added more Fonts
  • Free NCS Music
  • KineMaster Asset Store
  • Latest Chroma Key
  • Enhanced App stability
  • Redesigned User Interface


  • Fixed 4K Video Export
  • Chroma Key not working fixed
  • Audio library not fetching
  • Updated popup removed

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How to Install KineMaster Diamond on Android?

I guess that you’ve now become a fanatic of KineMaster Diamond APK and need it solely on your Android Smartphone. Let’s get straightly towards the steps –

  1. First of all, Click the legit download link listed in the above-most section of the article, and download KineMaster Diamond Latest APK.
  2. After downloading the app successfully, Open the Settings app on your Smartphone.
  3. Scroll down and click on the Security section listed in the main Settings.
  4. Now, Search for the toggle named Unknown Sources or Third-Party installation.
  5. Hit the toggle right to the Unknown Sources and click the Enable tab on the following prompt.
  6. Finally, you’ve enabled the installation of Android applications from third-party apps.install kinemaster pro apk on android
  7. Get to the Home and Open the File Manager app on your Smartphone (Anyone, Default or Third Party.)
  8. Now, Open the folder where you downloaded the APK.
  9. After discovering, Hit the app icon and Click Install on the following prompt.
  10. Wait for the completion of the installation process and press the Open button lastly.

Congo….! You’ve ultimately installed and opened the KineMaster Diamond APK on your Android Smartphone and got free access to all those excellent tools and resources clubbed within this Diamond version.

You can download and Install KineMaster Diamond on PC.

You can comment below. Suppose you’re getting any trouble downloading or installing the KineMaster Diamond. Besides that, Enjoy the app and Thank us later!



We all love capturing videos, and most importantly, upgrading or editing them professionally. However, the most crucial ultimatum we need is the best video editor ever developed to make our dreams convenient.

Yeah, it was tough to find that a day ago, but today, you can download KineMaster Diamond APK Latest Version. All you need is the focus and enthusiasm now to deal with all your edits with KineMaster Diamond.

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