Kinemaster Gold APK 2022 is a mod (modified) version of the Kinemaster app (paid version). It provides you all the features of kinemaster premium subscription, including allowing you to export videos without a watermark.

It allows you to have full control over the tools and materials you use in the app itself. You can create amazing video clips in just a few steps and be ready to publish the video anytime, anywhere. And on top of that, you don’t need to spend a notable amount.


Why choose KineMaster Gold?

Kinemaster Gold is one of the most popular and most widely used mobile video editing tools because it provides so many features like Speed Control, Effects, Themes, Adjustments, Multiple Layers, Overlays, Music, Audio Filters. It allows users to create engaging and professional-level videos by having unprecedented control over your video creations.

When it comes to video editing, Kinemaster has remained people’s choice for over the past few years cause it offers so many features and additionally with our Kinemaster Gold APK you will be getting all the premium features included like no watermark and no ads.

During the past few years, video editing has become more popular and right now it’s setting the trends. Everyone is doing them in front of Tiktok, insta reels, and youtube shorts.

Also, download KineMaster MOD APK

If you want to create such shorts or even long video content which requires a decent level of editing and don’t want to engage yourself in computer-based complex video editors then this app is certainly made for you.

Download KineMaster Gold APK

KineMaster Gold
App NameKineMaster Gold
Size25 MB
Android Required4.1 and up
License TypeFreeware
DeveloperKineMaster Mods
Last Updated1 day ago

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How to Download KineMaster Gold APK?

Step 1: Here is the link to download the Kinemaster Gold apk. Click on the below-mentioned link to download Kinemaster gold apk

Step 2: Click on the Download option. You will be asked to follow certain steps, follow them as indicated by the website, and your kinemaster gold apk will begin to download.

Step 3: Once Downloading is completed, click on the downloaded file.

Step 4: Click on the install option, allow permission from the settings (you’ll be asked for allowing to install the app from an unknown source)

install kinemaster pro apk on android

Step 5: In this way, you can successfully download and install the KineMaster Gold APK.


Golden Interface: With this application, you will get the exclusive all-new Golden interface theme which looks GOLDEN.

Speed control: This feature allows you to make a change in the speed of the video. Thus, you can instantly create Slow-motion or fast-motion videos or change a particular frame of a particular video.

Built-in Camera: Sometimes, if you’re in the app and need to record a small clip, it can be drag closing the app, switching over to Phone’s camera, clicking the desired photo/video, and importing that particular file to Kinemaster. To save you from all the trouble, there is an in-built camera in the Kinemaster gold APK so that you may directly record your clip and edit in a hassle free-way.

Transition Effects: With this APK you can choose from many transitions to find the most suitable one for you. Transitions are the heart and soul of a video.

No Advertisements: One of the most annoying features accompanying any unpaid app is “Ads”. Every time you pause your video each time you will find an Ad. However, if you download the Kinemaster Gold APK from our provided link and other premium features, there will be No advertisements.

Splice: Splitting a video into sections and working with each section separately is known as breaking a video. The process of joining 2+ video clips together is referred as Splicing. In all cases, save your entire video before you edit it.

Crop tool: You can choose a certain part from an image or a video that you want to be visible. It is useful for removing unnecessary elements or lines at the rims of a video or converting the video to a brand new aspect ratio.

No Watermark: This advanced feature is only available after purchasing a premium subscription, but you will have to pay a reasonable amount for that. However, by downloading the Kinemaster Gold APK from our provided link, you will get this No Watermark feature free.


What is Kinemaster Gold APK?

It is a mod version of the Kinemaster app. It has all the premium features.

What Image File Formats does Kinemaster Gold APK support?


What video file format does Kinemaster Gold APK take as input?

MP4 / MOV / 3GP containing H.264(AVC) or H.265(HEVC) video codecs and AAC or PCM audio codecs

However, all file formats will not be supported on your device. This also depends on the media support of the device itself.

Not all H.264 or H.265 videos may be supported on a device because some videos, particularly videos created from external devices such as DSLRs, drones, or other mobile devices, might use levels that are way out of the devices league.

Some devices support H.264 only, while others support both H.264 and H.265.

Is this software safe to use? Why is downloading an APK considered “Risky”?

While it is not exactly the act of downloading an APK that is considered unsafe, the method by which it is downloaded sometimes does. The most common means of downloading an APK is by clicking on an unknown source.

Nevertheless, you can be redirected to an unwanted page, and your smartphone may be infected with viruses. Thus, it’s not the APK that can damage your Phone but the source from which you download it.

We place the utmost importance on safety, and for that reason, we have attached a 100% working and secure link so that you may download Kinemaster Gold APK safely and securely.